Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Local 530, TWU AFL-CIO supports extended recall efforts for furloughed flight attendants at AA

February 12, 2007

Local 530 of the Transport Workers Union of America supports the efforts of the former TWA Flight Attendants in their quest to have extended recall rights at American Airlines.

We recognize that the Flight Attendants were victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks that devastated this nation’s airlines. American Airlines furloughed all TWA Flight attendants and unfortunately their 5 year recall window has expired.

We believe recall rights for all Flight Attendants should be extended. We believe the extension would be a fair resolution to a travesty suffered by Flight Attendants affected by acts of terrorism.

The leadership of Local 530 would like to extend any help or advice that Mary Pat Taylor and her team may need in their efforts to secure an equitable resolution in this matter.

We are asking our membership to support us in helping our Brothers and Sisters.

Local 530 E-Board