Saturday, July 22, 2006

Some flight attendants are ignorant of the REAL facts regarding TWA bankrupcty!

This is from a F/A whose
...facts are incorrect about AA
acquiring TWA's assets!

**TWA was NOT liquidated as in a Chapter 7

Um...correct me if im wrong but twa was aquired by AMR out of bankrupcy liquidation. **When a company is mismanaged and fails there isnt much an employee can do but hang on for the descent into history. So although the original poster may or may not be be a American Flight Attendant, he/she didnt steal your job, your former CEO's put you there. Any good financial advisor would have told you to go back to school years ago (yes years, about the time Carl Icahn was around) and you wouldnt have been dumped on the street a la PAN AM EASTERN and a hoard of other companies that went under due to mismanagement and labor rules.
**TWA was NOT liquidated as in a Chapter 7. TWA's asset's were purchased by AMR, including all employees!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The events of 9/ did they affect you? Tell us on this blog!
What is your opinion and what are your thoughts. The job you loved is gone. Now is the time to tell the world how YOU feel.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Never Forget Trans World Airlines Terminal 5 at JFK Airport

All former (TWA) AA Flight Attendants were LAID OFF AS OF JULY 2003.

All former TWA'ers are on the street and some will lose recall rights at American this Fall as the APFA union only gives a 5 year recall window. Not recalled in 5 years, you are basically left with NOTHING after many years of service at TWA, some nearly 50 years.

Recall rights extension is the morally right thing to do for all who have been furloughed!