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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (TheStreet) -- TheStreet readers showed a lot of interest in our story on the four most beautiful U.S. airports/terminals.

It's no wonder why. Airline travel can can involve lots of unpleasant moments, and one way that airlines and airports can enhance the experience is by making terminals pleasant places to be.

Now we want to move onto the next step, which, of course, is a story about the four ugliest U.S. airports (or terminals). We're looking for nominations for spaces that seem cramped, dark or filled with windows that offer crummy views, as opposed to airports where delays are common or where the weather is bad.

We have a few in mind. For instance, the Delta(DAL_) terminal at JFK has long needed help. Delta knows work is needed so it can compete with the new American(AMR_) and JetBlue(JBLU_) terminals: it has committed $1.2 billion to the effort.

We also hear frequent complaints about Philadelphia International Airport, the principal international gateway for USAirways(LCC_).

What is the ugliest airport in the U.S.? You decide...these are the first choices
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Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport
Miami International Airport

New York's Kennedy (old terminals)

New York's La Guardia

Philidelphia International

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