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Allen for Congress

August 7, 2008

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Allen wins AFA endorsement

The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), headquartered in Washington, DC, this week chose to endorse Joe Allen as its choice candidate for Missouri's 8th Congressional District, according to Roger Graham, a labor advisor for Allen's campaign. Representing 55,000 members for 20 airlines, including United, Northwest, USAir and American Eagle, AFA is the world's largest flight attendant union.

"I am especially honored by this labor endorsement," Allen stated. "As are so many others, the US aviation system and its members are caught in an economic quagmire. Faced with mergers, outsourcings, and job losses as well as a myriad of health and safety issues, these laborers deserve a congressman who will be a voice for them in Washington."

This is the second major endorsement, in as many weeks. The United Auto Workers (UAW) endorsed Allen in late July.

As an advocate for working families, Allen has taken the lead in exposing the current Administration’s war against American workers, “Jo Ann Emerson, in her twelve years representing Missouri’s 8th Congressional District, has only voted thirty five percent in the favor of American workers. Thirty five percent is an F in my grade book.”

This year alone, Emerson (R, MO-8) voted against the Housing Reform and Energy Tax Credit Bill (H.R. 3221), Alternative Energy Tax Incentive Bill (H.R. 6049), the Unequal Pay Bill (H.R. 1338), and workplace safety legislation such as the S-Miner Act (HR 2768) and establishing further OSHA safety regulations for combustibles (H.R. 5522).

Living in one of the poorest Congressional Districts in the country, Allen has pledged to create a climate that is fair to both businesses and employees. He will support the Employee Free Choice Act, stop any proposals to allow foreign control of U.S. Airlines, cosponsor and support legislation that will provide for a fair and universal healthcare system that will ensure quality and affordable health care coverage for all Americans, and vote against the expansion of free trade agreements that harm the American employee.

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